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Nature for People...

Green Governance Nepal (GGN) is non-governmental organization established in 2005 with a vision to create environmentally friendly society, where every person can exercise the rights over the natural resources through good governance approach and take the responsibility of bio diversity conservation.

Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management refers to the management of natural resources focusing on how the quality of life can be enhanced. One of key areas of interest where GGNepal put its energy is Natural Resource Management. Along with governmental agencies, we have collaborated with NGOs and INGOs to develop strategies against human-wildlife interaction, assessment of watershed, and have analysed the status of wildlife species in Nepal. We used rigorous analytical and qualitative methods in developing the plan and strategies.

Climate Change

Climate Change is creating nuisance world over. We have extensively worked on various aspects of climate change including climate change adaptation to capacity building. Along with government agencies, we have worked with various NGOs and INGOs. We have run bleeding edge simulations on carbon emissions, and done hands on field works on estimating carbon outputs on various regions in Nepal.

Livelihood development

Livelihood is a set of arrangement that helps living. We focus to help communities enrich, and develop from wise and sustainable use of resources. Livelihood is one of key divisions of GGNepal. We encourage communties to symbiotically live alongside nature. As a result, people can live in a healthy, and clean and environment besides livelihood being secured sustainably. Natural Resource Management.


Governance refers to actions and process in any systems that gives rise to stable functioning. Governance is a key divisions of GGNepal. It encourages forestry sector to work with good governance and bring about sustainable development in natural resource management. Goverment decisions and regulations affect everyone's life everyday. We encourage development and sound and effective policies that optimizes balance between regulations and rights.

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