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July 25, 2016
by admin

Celebrating World Wildlife Day and National Community Based Anti Poaching Unit Day

On 3rd March, 2016, the World Wildlife Day and National Community Based Anti-Poaching Unit (CBAPU) Day were celebrated in all four Buffer Zone Sectors of Chitwan National Park with the theme “The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands”.

Among four sectors, The Green Governance Nepal has participated and supported interaction event organized by Kerunga User Committee and CBAPU of Kasara Sector in Jagatpur, Chitwan National Park. This program provided different actors with discussion platform to share their view, ideas and concern on biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, human wildlife conflict, poaching and illegal trade of wildlife parts. Around eight five people took part in the event where Assistant Conservation Officer, Chitwan National Park, Ex-Chairman of BZMC and Chairmen of BZUC and Project Officer of LWT, representatives from CBAPU, school teachers, Eco club members and youth exchanged their ideas and views.