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April 26, 2016
by admin

Missions, Vision and Objectives


To mobilize and empower local communities through awareness and extensions,

raise the collective voice for transparent functioning of governmental, non-

governmental and civil bodies, ensure good governance in natural recourses

management and it utilization through sustainable approach, promote

government accountability to local people and strengthen the organization



To create environmentally friendly society, where every person can exercise the rights over the natural resources through good governance approach and take the responsibility of bio diversity conservation.


  1. Improve the livelihood of rural community through natural resources conservation and their sustainable management.
  2. Assist in identification, conservation, management and sustainability of biodiversity.
  3. Adopt participatory approach in resource conservation and management, and equity in benefit sharing to boost up local community livelihood through their sustainable use. 
  4. Empower for a united and self-reliant local community to decentralize natural resources and biodiversity management with a realization of good governance.
  5. Conduct climate change environment conservation and awareness related programs.
  6. Conduct study and research regarding natural resource, environment and biodiversity. 
  7. Conduct skill developing and income generating program to alleviate poverty and support rural economy. 
  8. Coordination with different organizations and civil society to empower the development of rural communities. 
  9. Address climate change adaptation and mitigation for Natural Resource Management