Kiran Timalsina

Green Governance Nepal was the nongovernmental organization dedicated to the biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, REDD+, natural resource management and NRM governance established by forestry profession in 2005. In 13 years, GGN arrives to the current stage through several challenges, hard times, experiences, learning and reflection. GGN relied more on short term research study assessment project in the beginning. The notable institutional shift came in April 2016 when GGN with the support of Chester Zoo-UK and Darwin Initiative implemented field project in buffer zones of Chitwan National Parks and Bardiya National Park. Living with the Tiger, as it called aimed to reduce the local reliance on natural resources, safeguard the live and property from wild animals primarily Tiger and Common Leopard and help improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. GGN strives hard to focus on its earlier experiences and learning and be one of the leading NGO in green sector. I take this opportunity to thank the government agencies, conservation institutions, INGOs/NGOs, independent experts and consultants and local communities we work with. Also thank to Mr. Roshan Sherchan and Mr. Nitish Dahal for preparing this report.